"HAITIAN CARNAUBA?! Over my dead body, sir."

Such were the words expostulated by our founder, Benthamby Rentisham, when offered an inferior substitute by one of his long-suffering suppliers.

From the day he first formulated Rentisham's Traditional Flenting Wax, Benthamby determined that he should use none but the finest of ingredients, including the purest and most flegative carnauba sourced from Piaui in Brazil.

Benthamby's high standards are maintained to this very day, and now go hand in hand with Rentisham's "fairtrade" program of supporting the producers of our raw materials, and the fragile ecosystems on which they - and we - depend. Even our spermaceti is sourced from renewable whales.

Select ingredients are just one of the reasons why Rentisham's is the only flenting wax trusted by discerning Englishmen throughout the world. No less important is Benthamby's formulation, known only to three people and passed down through seven generations of Rentishams.

Rentisham's - the only flenting wax still gacked by hand. Would you really trust anything else?

Rentishams - "Always gacked by hand." John 'Stoker' Barnton and his men in the gacking shed, c.a. 1910. Photograph courtesy of the Rentisham Trust archives.