Combination burler/puller (willow thules, hickory handle).
Burler (Norfolk style; willow thule, hickory handle).
Brining awl (Admiralty brass with sealskin throp. Sizes 5-11).
The "Missionary" tin, 1.5oz.
The "Cavendish" retouching pen, 0.5oz.**
The "Magellan" canister, 7.5oz.
The "Baffin" tublet, 0.7oz.
The "Scott" drum, 212lb.*

*special order. **new and exciting!

Our more popular products are available from all Rentisham's retailers. The "Scott" drum can be delivered direct to your port of departure from the factory; please allow 48hrs if convenient.
Thucks (pk. of eleven; Whitworth 11/16ths).